Food Safety Management System ISO 22000

"With over 10,000 organizations’ quality management systems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol in 34 IAF codes and certificates with ANAB accreditation symbol in 33 IAF codes (note: 39 IAF codes in total for QMS scopes).

ZDHY makes remarkable contributions to the certification development in the Chinese food industry. As one of the first pilot certification bodies for HACCP, ZDHY became the No.1 certification body authorized to engage in the food safety management certification (ISO 22000) on 28th August, 2007.

With a plenty of auditors and technical experts in food industry as well as rich experiences in food safety management system certification, ZDHY will deliver high-quality certification services for the applicant organizations. ZDHY can provide multi-tiered trainings and technical supports for the applicant organization in sugar industry, wine-making industry, beverages, dairy products, canning industry, fermentation, bakery products, additives and etc.

ZDHY participated entirely in the development and revision of the technical specifications for ISO 22000 systems. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol for ISO 22000 systems.

1.     C Food Manufacturing (CⅠProcessing of perishable animal products, CⅡ Processing of perishable plant products, CⅢ Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products), CⅣ Processing of ambient stable products)

2.     D Animal Feed Production (DⅠProduction of Feed, DⅡProduction of Pet Food)

3.     E Catering

4.     I Production of Food Packaging and Packaging Material

5.     K (Bio) chemicals production