Product Certification

"With over 10,000 organizations’ quality management systems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol in 34 IAF codes and certificates with ANAB accreditation symbol in 33 IAF codes (note: 39 IAF codes in total for QMS scopes).

To meet customers’ demands, ZDHY provides the voluntary product certification in furniture, textile, costume and leather products.

Advantages of obtaining product certification

Ÿ   The certified products represent the safety and quality meeting the requirements of certification rules and technical standards.

Ÿ   To strengthen the trust and acceptance on the certified products from consumers.

Ÿ   Be helpful for the export of domestic products.

Ÿ   The certification results can be accredited and accepted extensively by the relevant bodies.

Certification model 1: Type test + initial factory inspection + surveillance after being certified

Certification model 2: Sampling test + initial factory inspection + surveillance after being certified