Engineering Construction Enterprises Quality Management System GB/T 50430

"With over 10,000 organizations’ quality management systems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol in 34 IAF codes and certificates with ANAB accreditation symbol in 33 IAF codes (note: 39 IAF codes in total for QMS scopes).

The QMS certification for engineering construction is carried out in accordance with “Quality Management Systems---Requirements” and “Code for Quality Management of Engineering Construction Enterprises” (GB/T 50430-2007). The auditors who fail in the national examinations are ineligible to deliver audits for engineering construction enterprises.

ZDHY has approximately 100 auditors who are eligible for audits in engineering construction fields, which ranks the top among the peer certification bodies.

1.     28.01.01 Building demolition; earth moving

2.     28.02.01 Civil engineering of general buildings

3.     28.02.02 Roof & Framework Works

4.     28.02.03 Construction of highway, airport, & sports facilities

28.02.03-1 Highway works

28.02.03-2 Railway works

28.02.03-3 Municipal utility works

5. 28.02.04 Water works

28.02.04-1 Harbor and waterway works

28.02.04-2 Hydraulic & hydropower works

6. 28.02.05 Construction works in special industries

7. 28.03.01 Electrical installation works

  28.03.01-1 Communication works

8. 28.03.02 Isolation works

9. 28.03.03 Building equipment installation

10. 28.03.04 Other building equipment installation

   28.03.04-1 Mechanical & electrical works

28.03.04-2 Petrochemical works

28.03.04-3 Power works

11. 28.04.01 Cement and mason works

12. 28.04.02 Fine carpentry works

13. 28.04.03 Decoration of buildings ground & wall

14. 28.04.04 Painting & glass installation

15. 28.04.05 Other decoration of buildings