Green Market Certification GB/T 19220/19221

"With over 10,000 organizations’ quality management systems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol in 34 IAF codes and certificates with ANAB accreditation symbol in 33 IAF codes (note: 39 IAF codes in total for QMS scopes).

As one of the only three certification bodies that are eligible to perform green market certification in China, ZDHY has provided green market certification to approximately 100 large-scale agricultural and sideline product wholesale markets and retail markets.

Green market certification is an important part of “Three Green Engineering” which means green consumption, green market and green access. Green market certification is a joint implementation by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Health, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, State Environmental Protection Administration, China Food and Drug Administration, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China and Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

The applied standards are:

GB/T 19220-2003 Standard of green wholesale market of product;

GB/T 19221-2003 Standard of green retail market of product;

Implementation Rule for Green Market Certification;

Detailed rules and regulations on the “Standard of green wholesale market of product”;

Detailed rules and regulations on the “Standard of green retail market of product”

The certification scopes are:

----Specialty wholesale markets like vegetable wholesale market, fruit wholesale market, meat and poultry wholesale market, aquatic products wholesale market, grain and oil wholesale market, condiments wholesale market etc.; agricultural and sideline products comprehensive wholesale market.

----Retail markets that specialize in agricultural and sideline products, such as fresh food supermarket.

----Large-scale comprehensive supermarkets, warehouse stores, convenience stores etc.