Organic Product Certification GB/T 19630

"With over 10,000 organizations’ quality management systems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue certificates with CNAS accreditation symbol in 34 IAF codes and certificates with ANAB accreditation symbol in 33 IAF codes (note: 39 IAF codes in total for QMS scopes).

CNCA has pushed ahead with the national organic product certification on a continuous basis. ZDHY responds CNCA’s requests actively and has carried out the organic product certification since 2017. ZDHY is one of a handful of certification bodies that can engage in the organic product certification in China.

Organic products come from the organic agricultural production systems. Organic products refer to the production, processing and sales process meeting the national requirements for organic products.

Certification basis:

GB/T 19630 Organic products

Advantages of organic product certification:

Ÿ   To engage in the agricultural production and management in a natural and ecological balance way; to protect environment and satisfy human’s demands; to achieve sustainable development;

Ÿ   To keep with the international market trend; to enhance the organic agricultural production and organic product export; to strengthen the market competition;

Ÿ   To meet the domestic consumer demands for “green and environmental” requirements;

Ÿ   To protect the producers;

Ÿ   To remain committed to offer better life, guarantee food safety and eliminate poverty;

Ÿ   To avoid exposure to ionizing radiation.